SEED Fellowship

Professor Hua Dong, Brunel Design School, Brunel University London

SEED Working Group Leaders

  • ECR Group
    Dr. Oscar Zhou (UK), Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Kent
  • EDI Group     
    Dr. Ying Jiang (China), Deputy Director, Future Institute of Tsinghua University, Shanghai
  • Education Group
    Dr. Shu Yuan (China), Lecturer in Design, Donghua University, Shanghai
  • Policy Group
    Shuo Liu (UK), Lecturer in Media, Middlesex University
    Dr. Weining Ning (UK), Lecturer in Design, Brunel University London
  • RRI group
    Dr. Xinya You (UK), Lecturer in Sustainable Business, University of Creative Arts
  • SME Group
    Dr. Min Hua (China), Assistant Professor, Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Dr. Isobel Ward (UK), Business Development Manager for the Creative Industries and Community, Brunel University London

The SEED Fellowship advisors include: 

  • Victoria Trachy, Head of Vocational Skills, ScreenSkills
  • Graeme Evans, Professor of Creative & Cultural Economy, London College of Fashion, UAL
  • Nick Bryan-Kinns, Professor, Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London
  • Sylvia Xueni Pan, Professor, Goldsmiths
  • Xiaosong Yang, Professor,Bournemouth University
  • Jiehong Jiang, Professor, Birmingham City University
  • Monica Degen, Professor, Brunel University London
  • Hao Zou, Project Manager in Creative Industries, China-Britain Business Council
  • Jody Xiong, Founder of the Nine Creative Shanghai

We thank Dr. Wenming Ji’s support in the Fellowship application stage.

The SEED Fellowship project manager is Iris Tsang <>

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